You can create PBC queries at a firm level or at a client level.

To create queries at a firm level:

1. Go to the Main Circit Dashboard and select Manage.

2. Select PBC.

3. Select either Import from CSV to upload the file with default queries or select New Query to manually enter the queries. 

4. Once the process is finished, go to the entity of choice and select PBC lists, then select Add Default Query. The queries that have been uploaded by CSV or entered manually will now be shown here for the auditor to select from.

5. To move these queries to Draft Status, select the check box and Import.

To create queries at a client level:

Select the client of choice from the All Entities Section.

Add New Query

1. You can manually create a new query by selecting PBC Lists and selecting Add New Query

Image Placeholder

2. Enter in the details for the specific query

Image Placeholder
3. Select Save to save the request to the Draft Status where it can be sent to the client. 

Import from CSV

1.  Select Import from CSV from the PBC Lists tab. 

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2. Select Browse CSV and select the file of choice.

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3. Select Begin Import once you have selected the correct file. 

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4. The queries will now be in the Draft Status of the PBC Lists.