Queries can be made private at a query level or at a client user level.

Query Level: While creating a query
A query can be set to private while you are in the process of creating the query. 

1. While filling out the details of the query, you can select the Make Private checkbox, which will only allow the assigned client users to view the query. 

Query Level: When assigning queries

You can also make a query private by using the reassign clients feature. 

1. Select the client slot from the query of choice. 

2. Select the Make Private checkbox to only allow the assigned users to view the query. 

The query is now private.

Client User Level

PBC View can be restricted at a client user level through the Access panel.

1. When a client user is being added to the platform, select Restrict PBC View. 

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This can also be enabled after a client user has been added.