1.Go to the PBC List section of the client engagement.
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2. To reassign a client, select the Clients slot for the request. 

3. Select the drop-down arrow to show a list of client users to assign. Multiple people can be selected.

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4. After selecting the client users, you can choose if you want to notify the users by selecting Notify Assignees. You can also choose to make the request private so only the assigned client users can see it by selecting Make Private.

5. Select Reassign.

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The client users for this request have now been reassigned. 

Note that the client can also reassign requests on their side.

Bulk Reassign

1. You can bulk reassign requests by selecting multiple requests and selecting the More button.

2. From here, you can select Reassign Clients.

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3. Select the client users to reassign the request to.

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4. Select Reassign.

The request has now been reassigned to the selected users.