A deadline date can be changed:

From the Client Entity

1. Go to the PBC Lists section from within the client entity. 

2. Select the deadline date from the query. These cannot be amended if the query is complete.

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3. Enter the new deadline date.

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4. Select Save.

5. The deadline date has now been changed.

Both the audit team and the client will see this date.

Due in a Week

The due in a week status will show you if a queries deadline date is coming up in seven days. 

From within the PBC Lists, select the Due in a Week status.

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From here, you can change the deadline dates if necessary.


Overdue queries are queries that have gone past the deadline date that has been assigned to them. 

From within the PBC Lists, select the Overdue status.

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From here, you will be able to change the deadline date if necessary. Once the due date has been changed, the query will be removed from the overdue section.

Editing the query

You can also change the deadline date by editing the query. 

1. Select the query from the PBC Lists section. Note that you can edit queries in any status except for the Completed status.

2. Select the pencil icon on the top right-hand corner.

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3. Select the deadline date section and edit to the appropriate date.

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4. Select Save to successfully change the deadline date.

Queries can be sorted by the deadline date to prioritise those that are due.