Within the client dashboard, select Add Authorisation under the Real-Time Confirmations Tab

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You will be presented with all available banks

Select the clients bank, and the account type (where required) and the client authoriser. Note that the client will be able to reassign the request if needed.

2. It will automatically request all available accounts from the client, this option can be unselected and you can enter the specific accounts to be returned.Image Placeholder

3. Select Send to Client on the bottom right of the page. You can now specify the length that you would like the authorisation to be valid for. We recommend selecting the maximum of 90 days.

4. The client will receive a request email which will bring them to the Circit platform, and subsequently to their banking platform for authorisation.

5.When the client has authorised the request it will show in the Active tab for Real-Time Account confirmations.

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6. From here you can request a download for the required confirm date by selecting the PDF icon.  The PDF file will automatically be downloaded.

7.  You can also select the Refresh Transactions symbol at any time during the authorisation period (i.e the 90 days) to retrieve the latest data for download.