1. You will receive an email requesting your signature and you will be able to login from there.

Once you enter the main Circit dashboard, you will see the documents that are requested to be signed. You will be able to view the document before signing by clicking the view button.

3. If you are satisfied with the content, all you have to do is click the sign button.

4. If this is your first time signing a document on Circit, you will be prompted to upload a new signature at this point and from then on you can simply sign.

5. You can edit or upload a new signature at any time by selecting my signature in the top right-hand corner underneath your screen name.

6. Once you are ready to sign, you will be shown the request id and which company will be notified of your signature. If you are happy with the information, click sign.

7. Your signature has now been sent to the auditor and they have been notified.

For any queries please email support@circit.io