A custom provider will have the option of responding directly on the Circit platform or via their existing channels.

You can add and manage your own custom providers through Circit and these will only be visible to your firm.

To add a custom provider 

1. Login into the Circit Dashboard. Select 'MANAGE'

2.Select 'PROVIDERS'


4.Fill in the CUSTOM PROVIDER DETAILS and select 'SAVE'. Note that the email is a required field. Multiple email addresses can be added as required.

To Manage a custom provider.

1.Login into the Circit Dashboard. Select 'MANAGE'

2.Select 'PROVIDERS'

3. From the below screen you can enable or disable a custom provider.

4. By selecting any provider you can amend all their details and delete or add email addresses as required, at least one email address must be associated with a custom provider. Email addresses can be deleted by selecting the red bin icon to the left of the address.