This would be used to override your company's existing settings for return of requests and notifications emails. This process is client specific and if your overall account settings need to be changed please contact your Account Success Manager.

1. From the main Circit dashboard select the client you wish to set the notification and request return email address or addresses for.

2. On the top right click on the edit symbol beside the entity name.

3. Then select the green envelope symbol to the right of the first entity name.

4. A pop up window will appear. It will inform you of the email address that appears on all email correspondence and notes that notification emails are sent to members of the engagement team. To override this select the ‘Override notifications settings’ tick box.

5. Once selected the next page will appear where it will ask you to set the name and email address for all requests and notifications for this client entity to be returned to. Note you can add additional email addresses separated by a comma on the right hand side of the window.

6.Select save and this will be in effect for the client moving forward, please note any requests returned prior to this will be sent to the historic emails listed on the requests.